Mother’s Day can be a hard day if you have an abortion in your past. You are deeply loved by God and so is your baby! There is a way to find help and healing for your wounded heart. Please contact Abundant Hope in Attleboro at 508-455-0425 or Director@ Learn about Surrendering the Secret, a post-abortion healing group Bible Study. This closed group experience will lead you to God’s peace and forgiveness. You will also leave the group with a spiritual connection to your baby that you never thought possible!

The Gospel of Life — Evangelium-Vitae
Instruction on the Dignity of Procreation
On Bioethical Questions
Ethical Care of Infants with a Life-Limiting Prenatal Diagnosis
Declaration on Euthanasia

Project Rachel
Women suffering from a past abortion are invited to attend a Come to the Waters of Healing one-day retreat. — Project-Rachel-Retreats
Confidential Help for Crisis Pregnancies:
Pregnancy Help — 617-782-5151
Your Options Medical — 508-251-9022

Confidential Help After Abortion:
Project Rachel — 508-651-3100
Surrendering the Secret — 508-397-7280

Be Not Afraid – Be Not Afraid | Prenatal Diagnosis | Perinatal Hospice
Be Not Afraid is a private non-profit that provides a free service of case management to parents carrying to term following a prenatal diagnosis. As a Catholic organization, we believe that every child deserves to be welcomed, no matter how brief their life may be or the nature of their disability. Our support is peer-based and parent-centered.