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Funeral Preparation

I am the Resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me…will live forever.

The priests, staff and parishioners of Saint Catherine of Siena Parish extend our prayers and sympathy to you at this time of loss. May the grace and peace of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you.

The following is offered to help you in preparing the Funeral Rites, if you so desire. If you prefer the priest and parish to take care of this, we are most willing to do so.

You may choose certain selections from the Bible texts and translations provided in our Funeral Planning Guide. You may also choose readers from among your family or friends. If you select someone for a reading, please provide them with a copy of the selection. The selections follow this order: one Old Testament Reading, one Psalm (sung by cantor), one New Testament Reading and one Gospel Reading. The priest will call forth the readers in that order, keeping in mind that the Psalm selection is sung by the cantor and the Gospel is always proclaimed by the priest or deacon. There is also an opportunity to have members of the family or friends bring up the gifts of bread and wine to the altar (normally one or two people may do this). You may also select the Prayers of the Faithful and ask a family member, friend or the priest to offer these intercessions.

You will also find various music selections you may choose from and note on selection form. Finally, the family may choose one person to offer “words of remembrance” (eulogy) not to exceed five minutes. A copy of these words should be provided to the priest or funeral director the night before the Funeral Mass. It is preferred and recommended that “words of remembrance” be given at the family gathering after the Funeral Mass. Other possibilities may be to offer comments at the wake or graveside service. Click here to find a helpful guide for “words of remembrance.”

In lieu of flowers, please consider a memorial donation to Saint Catherine of Siena Parish or Saint Catherine of Siena School, 547 Washington Street Norwood, MA 02062.

Arrangements for funerals are coordinated through the funeral home of your choice.
Here are a few funeral homes in the general area:

    • Kraw-Kornack
    • Gillooly’s
    • May Funeral Home

      Local funeral homes have copies of the guideline booklet. You may also access it by clicking Funeral Booklet.

      After you have made your selections, please fax the funeral planning form, attached here or found on the second page of the planning booklet, to the rectory (781-255-9312), drop it off with one of the parish priests, or email it to parish (at) Also, please do not hesitate to contact one of the parish priests or Director of Music should you have any questions, problems or concerns:

      • Rev. Stephen Donohoe, Pastor – 781-762-6080 x17
      • Rev. Jean Pierre Aubin – 781-762-6080 x18
      • Rev. Thomas Sullivan – 781-762-6080 x27
      • Mr. Kirk Hartung, Director of Music – 781-762-6080 x26

      For local Obituaries, please visit the following websites:


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