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Convent Update

From the Pastor’s Desk

St. Catherine of Siena Convent

Over the past 10 years, the parish has studied and discussed the best use of the former convent property. In each case, the costs of managing and maintaining the facility have exceeded its benefit to the parish, while no longer serving its intended purpose. There has been a substantial cost in maintaining the facility even in a non-use capacity.

Keeping with the principle of good stewardship, and after discussions among the parish Finance and Pastoral Councils, it was decided that the property should be sold and monies used to help establish a parish endowment and enhance the school endowment. These funds in turn help strengthen the mission of the parish and school for years to come.

After study and discernment of several interested buyers, we chose to enter a purchase and sale agreement with Nahatan LLC, for the development of condominium housing. Nahatan LLC is now presenting their plans to the community for required approvals.

Who gets the money? According to the Canon Law of the Church, parishes are described as personages and have a right to their property. Therefore, the proceeds from any sale or lease of parish properties belong to the parish. It should be noted that there are contracting costs and fees associated with the sale. Also, in 2018, the Archdiocese of Boston levied 18% tax on the lease or sale of any parish properties. In September I submitted a request that the tax be rescinded as an investment in our school endowment or in direct support of tuition assistance. I have not received a response at this time.

Respectfully in Christ,
Father Donohoe

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